The Solar System – Brought to You by Gorgeous Minimalism


Here’s something to brighten up your morning: a wonderfully designed minimalist video introducing us to the Solar System with general topics, key factoids and an overall charming sense of style.

This infographic video is an exemplar of wonderful design and information presentation. Clean, clear and aesthetically pleasing is the major design direction that plays throughout.

The company behind this video is Kurzgesagt, a relatively fresh company on the scene dedicated to “Videos explaining things.” The concept is simple, but their take on it is refreshing.

They explain that the solar system is a topic that has drawn the interest of countless documentarians, which is why they sought to apply a different method toward presenting information– in this case, through the use of crisp infographics and simple narration.

Kurzgesagt itself has an interesting presence on social media, where it is highly active. It generally operates in a very fan-friendly manner, seeking audience input in terms of where to provide infographic videos next. A large part of that is likely influenced by a reliance on donations and page-views to fund much of their endeavors.

Their videos have not come without controversy, though. Their latest, an infographic video dedicated to making sense of fracking, has been accused of painting an overtly negative picture. While some of that may simply be out of bias, there are elements of the video which clearly portray topical treatments of the research gathered.

Nevertheless, grand design stands for grand design. In this case, Kurzgesagt wins on its infographic video alone. Its application of modern, fresh design to a tired concept will be critical in making such science “cool” to newer generations.


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