3 Great PR/Marketing Blogs to Follow

Blogs are still relevant, even in today’s world of Vines and Snapchats! With that in mind, I have three blogs to offer that do a great job of offering key (and sometimes humorous) information for the enterprising public relations specialist or marketer.

The first on this list is Search Engine Land. Search Engine Land bills itself as a website dedicated to covering search engine marketing, issues and the industry overall. While the most blatant usefulness may be readily apparent in concepts like “social media marketing” and general SEO tips, Search Engine Land goes beyond that. It offers guidelines on how to survive new and old Google features, or news that details the impacts certain new events in the SE industry will have for people like us. Overall, it’s a useful website to visit in order to stay up to date on anything dealing with search engines, which often is everything in marketing.

The next is PSFK, an online consultancy that acts as a general bellwether for upcoming trends in web technology and design. Its tagline is “inspiring creative business”, and the content presented is varied and often fascinating. Readers are introduced to new topics that range from human interest to interesting upcoming products, all on top of analyses of industry trends and guidelines for improving communication-effectiveness. The website works well in its blog and news format to give readers enough content to go with, but those looking to invest more into it will find PSFK’s reports fairly interesting. They come with hefty price-tags reaching into the hundreds; in exchange, customers are able to peruse a large sampling of complex and detailed reports covering various industries.

Finally, we have my favorite: Copyranter. This is the personal blog of an NYC advertising copywriter who now reviews ads and various other aspects of advertising and PR. It is both the least serious and most humorous of the three blogs, and with it comes a refreshing sense of self-awareness that sometimes gets lost in the professionalism and PR-speak of other sites. His work is simple and straight-to-the-point: examples of good or terrible marketing and PR, often to the point of causing the reader to cringe.


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