I am a Journalism and Mass Communications student in my last year at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. Originally a Chicago native, I moved to Arizona in 2005 and bounced around the West Valley before arriving in downtown Phoenix. From an early age, I began and maintained an interest in science and technology– the prime initiators being films like Star Wars and Jurassic Park that held promises of compelling futures. As I aged, I began to develop an aptitude for writing, which eventually led me to pursuing the dream of being on that forefront of research and innovation as a communicator. That dream carries on to today; I aspire to be there, right at the divide between today and tomorrow, bridging the gap between the two worlds with my skills in communications.

The road to that aspiration is still unclear, though, so I have allowed it to take me where it would. I have spent much of my time working as a writing tutor, helping students to improve how they communicate to others. It has been rewarding work, both in the ability to give so much to others and in the self-reflection that comes with analyzing others. My path has luckily led me to some wonderful positions in public relations and communications: I have worked with the nonprofit charity St. Vincent de Paul, and am currently serving as an intern for the Heard Museum. Both experiences have covered a wide scope of elements within the public relations and marketing world, further preparing me for an eventual career in the field.


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