Over time, the resources I have come to rely on the most in my work have been news sources. It has consistently proven to be the case that the best way to respond to situations is to stay aware of the broader spectrum while being versed enough with the details to handle situations smoothly. Of my resources, there are three which have proved crucial:

NPR, either through its website, web-app, or your local NPR station, is one of the best bets for gaining a general awareness of the varied and multitudinous topics out there. Whether it’s a global, national, or even hyperlocal perspective, there is much to be learned of your surroundings. In doing so, any sort of manager of communications is best-suited to address incoming situations.

The Verge is one of many news sites that specialize in the technology sector. As a source of information, it provides some of the most comprehensive and well-assembled articles available in the already-crowded world of technology news. As a rule, I generally refer to the Verge for in-depth analyses and previews of upcoming technologies, as well as reviews of existing equipment that are both informative and inspiring in terms of their design.

Wired is also a great source of information on both technology and science. It serves to extend several levels of information that typically cover a more mass-consumption element of both technology and science. However, it once again offers inspirational aspects in its design and presentation. There is much to be gained both in terms of information and design.


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