There are several tools to consider when covering the technology and science industry, whether it is from a journalism or public relations perspective. In either communications venue, one must be prepared to deal with a rapidly changing field; adaptability is crucial, along with an open and informed mind. Tools such as these can help in being prepared for and analyzing coming changes.


–          Technological systems: It is always worthwhile to consider what a new technology or science will require built around it before it can become the norm. A new app or item requires a system of other technologies around it in order for it to grow and develop; knowing this may help to avoid hype and sight problems in presented designs.

–          Path dependence: Another area that one should pay attention to is that of path dependence, or inertia. Users, and humans in general, are hard to break when their momentum sends them one way or another. In adopting new technologies or ideas, this may prove difficult.

–          Disruptive technologies: As we continue to develop new technologies and innovations, they too have a habit of destroying or subsuming existing patterns, technologies, and systems. It is inevitable, as seen in the refrigerator to the ice-man or the car to the horse-drawn buggy.


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